Memorials to those no longer with us.

So far I only have a page for Woody Stoddard and a link to Ken Bacon.  I know that others have past and would like to honor them too.  If you have obituaries of these folks send them to me by whatever means you have at your disposal and I will add them to this section of the site.

I know that several of our teachers fit this category, it would be nice to include them as well. 

Kenneth Hogate Bacon            November 21, 1944 - August 15, 2009

Elizabeth Bond

Sheila Burke

W. Douglas Bysiewski       1998

Lucy Ellen Harlow

John Minot Grose

Tressa Lynda Hememway

Carl Korpita

David William Marden

Jan W. Merzbach

William Otis

Woody Stoddard             11/4/44 - 1/25/07

Sandra Tidland

Carolyn Ann Fern (Vendette) 

Robert Weaver  


Laurel Crouse 


Updated 2/12/2012